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Le Scrap de Simplette

Jardin Romantique (CU) Simplette Scrap and Design

Voici mon tout nouveau pack d'élements pour usage commercial
Here is my all new CU pack of items

Jardin Romantique

Ce pack est  composé de 24 éléments travaillés à partir de photographies
tous les éléments ont une version sans ombre et des versions composées et ombrées
Vous le trouverez en boutique (liens ci dessous)
This pack contains 24 elements worked from photos
all elements have a version without shadow and anoter with
You'll find it in shops (links just above)
SWF : http://scrapwithfriends.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=35&products_id=1040
DDR : http://www.digidesignresort.com/shop/jardin-romantique-cu-by-simplette-p-18375
SFF : http://scrapfromfrance.fr/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=88_185&products_id=3237

Pour vous rendre compte de la qualité de mon travail sur ce pack,
je vous offre un élément, travaillé et ombré
Toaccount for thequality of my workonthis pack
I offeran item,workedandshaded

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Wow look at all those antique things. I am a great lover of antique materials and I collect them all the time. Whenever I go to visit places, the first thing I do is find an antique shop in that locality.
I Plan to enjoy a moon garden when you can linger. Maybe a cloud will cross the face of the moon. Perhaps a moth will linger, striking a pose with its wings.Whether you choose to visit a romantic garden in day or evening, enjoy the mood. Pause and let the spectacle unfold. And imagine, just for a moment, that you are in Paris, on earth, earth that is a star.
On this page I'll collect all tools you need as a digital scrapper. If possible you link to different resources then i can choose from based on your site.
A same charming beauty article moreover astounding blog. Is there quantity technique I can contribute to unaccustomed articles, you comprehend I love acquiring them on email or something prefer that.

Très joli pack ! Merci pour le freebie.